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Stamp documents with STAMPdoxx

Stamp your documents: Ensure clarity!

Make your documents identifiable. Mark your changes.

Mark changes to drawings or relevant document content and avoid costly guessing.

Mark external documents with your internal characteristics
before they are used, stored, printed or sent.

Save yourself from further inquiries or fatal misconceptions.

The benefits


For example, in order to initiate or systematically evaluate changes, it is often necessary to refere to specific dimensions, tolerances, geometric contours, texts, etc. If required, supplemented by freely placeable helpful comments. With STAMPdoxx, this is possible quickly, cleanly and uniformly. Out-of-the-box.


Your own drawings have a standardized title block. Every employee knows it. All the important information for unambiguous identification of the document is included. The situation is different with the drawings of your suppliers. Each supplier has its own title block. Your identities are often only partially present on the document. And if so, they are always somewhere else. Uncertainty has come to an end with a uniform electronic stamp for fast and correct identification. Such a stamp will be adapted exactly to your needs. With company logo and syntax checking according to all rules of the art.

Example of a fictitious External Drawing Stamp
Example of a fictitious External Drawing Stamp


Ultimately, the examples mentioned above ensure a more effective change process. The faster and more comprehensibly all change-relevant information is attached to your graphic documents, the more efficiently and securely the entire process runs. For everyone involved. Without the detour "paper".

Four stamp types are supported

Symbol stamp

Symbol stamps are unchangeable. Example is the standard object marker. There are no limits to the complexity and customer-specific layout.

Free text stamp

Free text stamps include any text, e. g. annotations or notes. The color is configurable. The user chooses the size according to the current content.

Form stamp

The layout of a form stamp is customer-specific and should be customized to the corporate design.

The variable stamp contents are rule-based ...

- restrictable as required,
- automatically fillable and/or
- pre-fillable (date, employee, department,...)

Automatic stamp

Automatic stamps are completely automatically filled out form stamps. The field contents are filled automatically during stamp placement - either rule-based or via the connect interface. Input masks are not required.

Stamp features

Freely placeable

All stamps can be interactively placed anywhere on the document

Freely customizable

The customer-specific form stamps and the automatic stamps should correspond to the corporate design

Freely combinable

Any use cases can be freely named and defined

- Stamp combinations
- Number of stamps

Stamp documents with STAMPdoxx

Get an impression of the click-optimized web application

Stamping - Completely interactive or "with system"


STAMPdoxx - Interactive stamping with a modern web interface. The user only needs the documents, his browser and access to the WORKdoxx server. The cost-effective solution - also for medium-sized companies.

With system support

STAMPdoxx.connect - Interactive stamping of documents with all the advantages of our connect interface with any DMS, PLM or ERP system. Assign values from the system to stamp fields automatically. Check your documents out and in with the press of a button. Get in touch with us!

STAMPdoxx is a module of the COYODO WORKdoxx product family.

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