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COYODO is still a very young company. But also we want to build and record a common understanding for ourselves and our customers. We have made a start.

Of course, the customers have to come first. No customers, no company. Simple. But what demands do our customers have at all?

The second question follows: What must or can COYODO do to meet the needs of our users? How must COYODO act to protect its own economic interests? No profit, no company. Just as simple.

A) What do our customers want?

The user benefit must be given priority. So, we need

a precise functionality of our products

a high user acceptance due to high stability and optimal usability of our programs (work should also be enjoyable)

For many years, our software has been in practical use at demanding global market leaders. Almost silent. Our customers are very well structured and pay attention to their processes. Maybe that's why they're so successful. Perhaps that's why they use applications that a company certainly doesn't necessarily need to survive, but they don't want to miss them for reasons of process reliability and efficiency. Applications, such as our WORKdoxx programs.

No reason for us to sit back and relax. The demands of our customers go with the times. With a new pricing structure, we also want to become more attractive for smaller companies. Our extensive configuration options are the best prerequisite for this.

What are your expectations as a customer? Help us! Start a dialogue with us!

B) What conclusions does COYODO draw from this? What are our goals?

What do we have to do to generate the highest possible user benefit?

Above all, despite increasing complexity and shorter change cycles, we have to keep the software development for our products under control and ensure their quality. To achieve this, we must clearly limit our field of action (our domain) and exploit our strengths within these limits:


... this means for us specifically:

Our product range is limited to our WORKdoxx application suite with the applications DIFFdoxx, STAMPdoxx and CONVdoxx. We want to functionally expand these applications. An extension requires careful examination. Of course, we are still actively working on new technologies and developments to explore new business ideas.

As a matter of principle, we try to develop our products in a customer-neutral manner, even if the development effort is initially higher. The customer-specific configuration is then used to adapt the user interface to the corporate design or the rule definitions, e. g. the acceptable contents of our form stamps. We pack customer-specific requirements or "use cases" into a tool kit, which we continuously extend. The basis of the interactive products are modern web technologies, whereby we always keep the security aspect in mind. The development focus must therefore be on the "software core". The fruits of this concentration and optimization benefit all customers.

With our new system-neutral connect interface to any document management systems, we consolidate our portfolio and still enable more complex customer-specific solutions. Only with such an interface is it possible to connect any DMS, PLM and ERP systems. We realize this together with partners, service providers or directly with our customers.

... to put it in a nutshell:

Maximum user benefit


concentration on a few excellent products

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