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Drawing comparison with PDF layer technique

Do you want a little more? The PDF layer technique.

Eliminate the red-blue chaos!

With the help of the COYODO Difference Mask, you can immediately find the changed areas of your technical drawing and can easily enlarge them in the viewer in the case of large documents. With the red-blue marking, you can usually see and understand the changes at a glance. Usually. But especially with changed texts, tables, tolerances etc. you often encounter a red-blue pixel heap, which can only be deciphered very time-consuming and extremely annoying. This is exactly where the PDF layer technique comes into its own.

In the COYODO Difference View, the two original pages are also stored. These are located on separate layers right behind the Difference View. By switching the visibility of these layers by clicking, you can also view the original information of the old or the new document. And this in the zoomed-in state! For this reason, there is no need to constantly zoom in and out.

Your benefits


We've been measuring. In the previous version of the Difference View without layer technique, it took about 15 - 20 seconds for each area to be compared until you zoomed into the original documents one after the other. And this only if the PDF reader is optimally configured (zoom tools), the user masters the fast zooming and quickly finds the desired areas. With the layer technique you save 12 - 17 seconds per operation. With 1,000 drawings and 4 comparison processes per drawing, this mode of operation alone can save about 15 hours.


At a full-cost hourly rate of 82 euros (Germany West 2018), this amounts to 1,200 euros.


The effective, goal-oriented approach avoids frustration and ensures relaxed working.

You want to know exactly how this works with switching PDF layers?
Just take a look at the short tutorial.


The PDF layer technique is a standard functionality of the COYODO Difference View.

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