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COYODO - Compare Your Documents

Digitize your change process!

Compare your technical drawings and documents quickly and reliably with the Difference View.

Stamp your electronic documents and get clarity at a glance.

Developed for mechanical engineering - universally applicable

Compare documents

Identify and document differences quickly?

Simply create a Difference View of your changed drawings, layouts, graphics, images, diagrams, etc. Store and share the Difference View so that your co-workers and business partners can also benefit from the advantages in the process.

Stamp documents

Mark electronic documents uniformly?

Simply use preconfigured stamps or mark your documents according to your individual needs. Completely without stamp pad.

Convert documents

Create a TIFF from PDF for post-processing?

You may also have documents from a legacy system in PDF format. You want to make small changes with a raster graphics editor because a document re-creation is too costly?


Since February 1, 2018, the innovative COYODO Difference Mask has been in productive use at a globally operating company. It worked as expected from day one. The numbering of the difference areas was omitted. A new configuration option makes this possible.
(March 05, 2018)


Since March 22, 2019 the COYODO Difference View uses the PDF layer technique to view changed texts, tables, etc. in the original with one click. And that without annoying zooming in and out. So no problem if you see a cryptic red-blue pixel heap again.
(April 26, 2019)


On July 8, 2019 ANDREAS STIHL AG & Co. KG and COYODO GmbH concluded a reference customer agreement. STIHL has been comparing the versions of its product drawings since 2006. With the functionality of the COYODO WORKdoxx tools, the internal change process could be made much more efficient and secure. Please read our detailed report.
(July 23, 2019)


Our new blog starts with the topic Label comparison and migration.
With the Difference View, even changed labels can be compared safely and quickly. When migrating to a new label software, it is essential to ensure the correctness of the label contents seamlessly. Learn more about the special features that support you in this.
(April 18, 2020)


The days when design offices were full of huge drafting boards are long gone. But plan holders to fix drawings are still to be found. Certainly also to be able to compare large-format drawings with each other. But what does it look like in modern offices? What can you even do in your home office?
Learn all about this topic in our new blog.
(July 03, 2020)

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