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18 years of experience. 18 years of innovation. Experience is good. Innovations are better.

2D documents will probably retain their importance for the foreseeable future - despite 3D modelling systems, 3D annotations and virtual reality. In particular, electronic PDF documents are indispensable in everyday office life.

With our innovative document-related solutions, we want to continue to make our contribution to improve your processes in the future. We're not running out of ideas yet ...


Start of a project for automatic comparison of technical drawings in the SAP environment. The desired result document in TIFF format we called "Difference View".


Beginning of automatic generation of Difference Views in the SAP environment of a global player.

Input format only TIFF, originals only black and white, no graphical user interface yet. But an immense improvement in the detection of engineering changes.


Introduction of a web interface for the interactive generation of Difference Views.

The Difference View is now created in PDF format, no longer as TIFF.

In addition to the actual Difference View, the two original documents are embedded in the document.

PDF is also a new input format. TIFF originals will of course continue to be supported on an equal footing.


Introduction of a web interface for stamping documents.

(image already with COYODO logo)


Generation of Difference Views of documents with color or gray portions.

(image already with Difference Mask)


Create single Difference Views of multipage documents via interactive page selection.


WORKdoxx is now multilingual. English and German are supported.


Foundation of the COYODO GmbH.

Bundling of think tank, software development, marketing and sales in one company.


New web technology and new design of the user interface for stamping documents with drag-and-drop functionality.


New web technology and new, fresh design of the user interface for interactive generation of Difference Views and for converting documents.


New innovative Difference Mask for quick and reliable detection of small changes. Numbering of the difference areas so that you can refer to them.


Definition of the connect interface for connecting the WORKdoxx applications to any document management systems (DMS, PLM, ERP, ...).


Our new website goes online.


PDF layer technique enters the field.


Extension of the Difference View for Label comparison and migration.


Multipage Difference View with automatic intelligent page mapping. Even electrical CAD documents with several hundred pages each will be compared meaningfully.


The Difference View can now also be generated in the cloud. Ideal for quick and uncomplicated testing of our solution. Ideal for smaller comparison volumes. Without the provision and maintenance of an in-house server.

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