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External Drawing Stamp

The External Drawing Stamp - Correctly identify External Drawings without loss of time and information

The problem

Maybe you know the problem from your own experience: You have a technical drawing of a supplier or a customer on your workbench, on your desk or in an e-mail. You can turn the drawing round however you want – but certain important information is simply missing or cannot be found. This often leads either to incorrect assump­tions with some­times fatal conse­quences or to multiple necessary, time-consuming information searches.

The solution

Earlier, in the days of paper drawings, an external drawing stamp was a matter of course. The external drawing received was immediately given a special, large stamp. The internal information was then entered by hand, such as part and change number, version, date or processor. Thus, this paper document could always be correctly identified in the process.

The COYODO External Drawing Stamp supports exactly this process for today's common electronic documents.

An electronic, company-specific form stamp for external drawings always looks the same and stands out. Users can find all relevant internal information at first glance, even on the unfamiliar documents. The time spent searching whether and which details are located somewhere on this drawing is completely eliminated.

The prerequisite, of course, is that immediately after receiving the third-party drawing, this stamp is applied electronically and the stamped document is fed into the internal change process. Just like in the past.

Example of a fictitious External Drawing Stamp
Example of a fictitious External Drawing Stamp

Define the company-specific stamp

The company-specific stamp layout must be defined exactly. The empty form stamp must be modeled in such a way that sufficient space is reserved for the possible field contents. It will be stored in the program after completion.

The field contents can be entered automatically (date) or variable. If the stamping program STAMPdoxx is called by a PLM system, existing PLM meta­data can be provided in addition to the document to be stamped. These are then automatically entered into the corres­ponding fields. If the fields are filled manually, any strict syntax check is possible. Depen­ding on the field structure, simplified entry with sub­sequent automatic format­ting is also possible.

Example program interface STIHL External Drawing Stamp and COYODO drawing

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