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Difference View - Compare drawings with DIFFdoxx

Shorten the time to
compare drawing versions

Would also you like the differences in your engineering drawings to be ...

recognized in a flash,

documented perfectly,

communicated easily?

Then create a wow effect in your engineering change process with the informative and attractive Difference View!

Two drawing versions in. One PDF Difference View out. It's that simple.


What makes the COYODO Difference View unique ?

There are certainly a number of tools that you can ALSO use to compare drawings. With the COYODO Difference View you can ONLY compare drawings. But extremely effective. Of course, many features have been added over time. Colored documents, automatic snap-in, page selection, multilingualism, click optimization, etc. But what are the four decisive points or unique selling points?


Use the interactive Web interface to compare locally stored files. With the WORKdoxx.connect interface any document management system can be connected. For example, triggered by a status change, the original documents are provided and the generated Difference View is then checked in.


The COYODO Difference View is generated in PDF format. It is therefore readable worldwide on all personal computers, notebooks, tablets and smartphones. No special viewers or CAD systems are required to view it. A big plus for global communication.


The Difference Mask ensures that changed areas are found quickly and reliably. Even with a conventional Difference View, it is difficult to reliably recognize small annotations or tolerance changes in large drawings - despite the colored highlighting. Save yourself the annoying search for existing and non-existing differences!


The PDF layer technique makes it possible to switch to the original documents, which are also stored. With a click. Even when zoomed in. A big advantage for changed texts, tables etc., if you only see a red-blue pixel heap due to the document overlay. So you also keep an overview here. And your nerves.

Your benefits


The COYODO Difference View allows you to visualize the differences between similar graphical documents or different versions of an engineering drawing in a unique way. This makes your entire change process much more efficient.


The Difference View is quickly generated - interactive or in the background. Save yourself the "manual comparison" of your documents! This is time-consuming, stressful and unreliable. Gain time for more important things!


Simply store the Difference Views you created at the same location as the changed documents. Let the process and everyone involved benefit. Send the Difference Views to your customers and suppliers. The changes can be communicated much more effectively. Avoid high costs due to undetected changes! A Difference View often tells you more than a change description. In any case, this thing says it much faster and easier to understand.

Difference View examples

... for download you can find here.  

Please note that switching the PDF layers on and off is not possible with every browser. If necessary, open the PDF Difference View with a suitable viewer, e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader. A tutorial can also be found in the download section.

Some features

Document types

Apart from engineering drawings, also labels, layouts, graphics, diagrams or other documents with graphical content can be compared. Accepted input formats are TIFF and PDF.

Visualized differences

The differences between two similar documents are highlighted in color
(old: red; new: blue).
The identical parts are displayed in black, white or gray.

Colored originals

The originals can be black and white, gray or colored. In the case of colored originals, the parts that remain identical are displayed in black, white or gray - the differences in red or blue tones.

Multi-page originals

You would like to compare pages 2 and 3 of two documents? No problem. You can compare any individual pages of multi-page documents with each other.


Sometimes the width of the page margins changes from version to version. The automatic snap-in places the page corners exactly on top of each other.

Report sheet

A separate report sheet provides infor­mation on creation time, file names, compared pages and their ISO sizes. A diagram shows the red-blue portions as well as the degree of corre­lation.

For example, to compare labels, a millimeter grid can be placed on the Difference View and the PDF content can be cut out. You can read more about this in the blog "Label comparison and migration".

Create Difference Views with DIFFdoxx

Get an idea of the program interface and result PDF

Create Difference Views - Interactive or in the background


DIFFdoxx - The interactive comparison with a modern web interface. The user only requires a browser and access to the WORKdoxx server. The cost-effective solution - also for medium-sized companies.

In the background

DIFFdoxx.connect - The Difference View is automatically generated and checked in in the background using our connect interface to any DMS, PLM or ERP system. Just like that. As the user, you don't have to do anything.
Of course, the document management side must be specifically customized or developed for your company. Get in touch with us!


DIFFdoxx is a module of the COYODO WORKdoxx product family.

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