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Convert documents with CONVdoxx

Convert documents

Post-edit PDF documents with a raster editor?

You have stored your documents in PDF format as a result of replacing an old system?

You want to make minor changes without creating these documents again?

As part of the mass conversion of documents from an "old system" into a long-term format, the PDF format is well proven, and in particular the long-term archiving PDF/A format. However, sometimes a minor post-editing is necessary, e. g. of 2D CAD or scanned ink drawings, if these are not or not yet newly modeled in 3D. Raster graphics editors are particularly suitable for such limited post-processing. These can be used to delete areas or to add simple elements such as lines, arrows, rectangles and text.

But how do you get a raster format, such as TIFF, from PDF?

Quite simple: For the generation of our Difference Views, a conversion from PDF to a raster format is internally required. Why not use this feature separately for conversion? This is exactly what the CONVdoxx module does.

Converting documents - Interactive or in the background


CONVdoxx - The interactive conversion of documents with a modern web interface. The user only requires a browser and access to the WORKdoxx server. The cost-effective solution - also for medium-sized companies.

In the background

CONVdoxx.connect - Documents are automatically converted and checked in in the background using our connect interface to any DMS, PLM or ERP system. Of course, a certain amount of effort has to be made and this effort must be worthwhile. In particular, the document management side of the solution must be specifically adapted or developed for your company. Get in touch with us!

CONVdoxx is a module of the COYODO WORKdoxx product family.

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