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WORKdoxx.connect - The interface to DMS, PLM, ERP

Create Difference Views automatically ?

Fill stamp fields automatically ?

Convert documents automatically ?

No problem for our connect interface to any document management systems

Any document management systems?

In principle, the COYODO WORKdoxx.connect interface is open to all systems that can provide or receive the relevant documents. Systems that can give it the task of comparing, stamping or converting documents. Typical candidates are for example:


Autodesk Vault


Dassault Systèmes SmarTeam

Dassault Systèmes Solidworks PDM

Mechworks DBWorks

Oracle Agile


PTC Windchill PDMLink


Siemens Teamcenter

All brand, product and company names are the sole property of their respective owners.

The benefits


All automated processes relieve people of mindless activities. Checking out, editing, buffering, checking in, writing documents, etc. The automation of WORKdoxx functions can also speed up office processes considerably.


In the case of a more frequent application, the necessary one-time effort is of course economically justified. Every automation costs money in the first place. But fast and reproducible results ensure rapid return of investment.


Create a Difference View for each new version? Of course we always remember that. Well. Almost all of us. Almost always. High reliability looks different. Automating and safeguarding the generation process ensures functioning processes instead of questions and ambiguities.

One interface - two modes of operation

1. Fully automatic in the background

The connect-interface can be used in fully automatic scenarios, provided the process allows this. The Document Management System (DMS) has stored documents that can be automatically compared or converted. Of course, the result documents can also be automatically checked in. No problem. The DMS communicates via the connect interface with the WORKdoxx server, which performs the document processing in the background.

2. Interactive with system connection

It's good that the human being is sometimes still required, for example, to place stamps on a drawing in such way that all important information are still completely visible. But anything else can happen in the background. Stamp contents (numbers, descriptions etc.) are often stored in the DMS - they only have to be read and transferred. And about fully automatic check-in and check-out we have already talked. Incredible? No. Seamless integration in practical use!

Sounds interesting?

Please do not hesitate to contact us. No matter whether you are interested in new, fascinating solutions as a customer or as an interface provider in new business sectors. Let us find answers together,


which use case could be supported,

which DMS would have to be connected,

whether there are already solutions for this DMS or whether solutions are planned,

which providers would be suitable for programming the DMS side of the interface,

what should be done by COYODO or

what is the scope of an implementation project.

Please send us some first information to conti73actx58@t61coyla8odos29.cc44om or use our contact form. We will then contact you at short notice to discuss everything else.

Need some more technology?

About the interface specification

The DMS-independent connect interface was specified at the beginning of 2018 for system administrators and interface developers. The base for this were interfaces which are already successfully being used for the fully automatic generation of Difference Views and for stamping documents with a DMS connection. Although these interfaces are now running smoothly in practice, they are tailored to a single system and sometimes company-specific. These restrictions have been removed. The result is a slim interface, thanks to a convention-over-configuration approach.


We will send you the specification of the connect interface in PDF format on request, immediately and of course free of charge in the current version.

The basic principle

The interface is well integrated into today's in-house server landscapes. The technologies used are not an issue as long as the DMS is in the same network as the WORKdoxx server. However, for future cloud-based scenarios, the interface will need to be extended to include new technologies and protocols.

The rough working method of the interface is shown in the following illustration:


The purple part of the interface is developed, maintained and handled in the process by COYODO. The gray part symbolizes the respective DMS and the interface to WORKdoxx. The point of contact between the two worlds is the specified connect interface.

The contents of the gray box "DMS interface program" must be programmed DMS-specific. Apart from larger companies with the necessary programming know-how, IT service providers who want to use this interface module for several customers are the first choice. For DMS upgrades, the module must of course also be permanently maintained accordingly.

Some details

Depending on the specification, a number of project-specific properties must be defined and configured, e. g. directory paths, file names to be created or parameters to be transferred.

Suitable triggers/events must be found for the automatic procedures. A defined status change is recommended here. The mutual program call mechanisms must also be coordinated.

The dynamic data transfer takes place in JSON format, which is also easy to read for humans. Here is an example of a "Result Data File", which is generated by WORKdoxx for the DMS side. Two Difference Views of two versions of a drawing with two sheets each were automatically created - one for each sheet.

  "Comment": "DifferenceView Drawing Documents 1234-56-78 Revs 05-06",
  "Company": "MYCOMPANY",
  "DMS": "Teamcenter",
  "Module": "DIFF",
  "UseCaseCode": "UCDIWSTNDD",
  "ConnectVersion": 1,

  "ReturnCode": 0,
  "ReturnTextEN": "Number of created Difference Views: 2",
  "ReturnTextDE": "Anzahl erzeugter Differenzansichten: 2",
  "NoOfDiffs": 2,
  "ResultDocs": [
  "DocDescriptions": [
    "DifferenceView 1234-56-78 Housing Revs 05-06 Nr. 01 (96%)",
    "DifferenceView 1234-56-78 Housing Revs 05-06 Nr. 02 (62%)"
  "DocCorrelations": [

The connect interface is an optional functionality of the COYODO WORKdoxx product family.

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