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Compare drawings in the cloud

Compare drawings online in the cloud

The COYODO Cloud offers the easiest way to compare engineering drawings. The PDF Difference Views are generated on an Internet server that is used exclusively for this purpose. The provision and installation of a company-owned server is not required.

Operation by the user takes place in the browser. There is no difference between the COYODO Cloud Server and a company's own server.

COYODO Cloud Server or company-owned server?

Company-owned server
Interactive generation of Difference Views with browser interface possible
Automatic generation of Difference Views possible
For tests, the COYODO Cloud Server can be used
For tests, a company-owned server can be used
For permanent use, the COYODO Cloud Server can be used
For permanent use, a company-owned server is used
Internet access of the clients is required
Internet access of the clients is not required
Company-specific customization of interface and Difference View is optional
Company-specific customization of interface and Difference View is standard
Price model: Subscription
Price model: Subscription or license and maintenance

What does this mean for your company?

You can test immediately with your real drawings. Free of charge and secure.

We will provide you with company-specific, temporarily valid links for your tests.

The permanent use enables separate billing for your company, although the server is also used by other companies in parallel.

Optionally, we customize the interface and the Difference View for your company (logo, company name, colors, background).

In this case, you cannot recognize whether the Difference View was generated by the company's own server or the cloud server.

Without this extended company-specific customization, the Difference View shows the COYODO CLOUD logo:

Two use cases in the standard configuration

Creating a one-page Difference View. For multi-page originals, you can choose which two pages you would like to compare with each other.

Creating a Multipage Difference View. In the case of multi-page originals, the matching pages are automatically found and assigned.

For an extended company-specific configuration, we not only customize the look and layout of the Difference View. We also provide you with all the configuration options used by our customers as part of any company-specific use cases.

So you don't need to worry about anything technically - we take care of that for you.


Very important: The protection of your data and documents

The protection of your personal data and your business documents is very important to us. It forms the basis of a trusting collabo­ration and a cloud service that is as perfectly secured as possible. The following principles and measures, among others, serve this purpose:

Access to the COYODO cloud server is via company-specific, temporarily valid web links. This enables a company-specific layout, company-specific use cases and options as well as correct billing of the subscription.

We do not store any of your users' personal data. Keyword "Zero Knowledge".
Exception: To send new, automatically generated, temporarily valid links, we require at least one recipient e-mail address of an employee, which we store in a configuration file.

Your documents are only stored temporarily and strictly job-specific.

The generated Difference View is temporarily made available in a download directory. For this purpose, a separate download directory is created for each generated Difference View. The name of this download directory contains, among other characters, a random value - consisting of 96 characters, e.g. 3b565bf023e675eb0fa4db2ea660a6bbf63473c1a2acc7079b2f95238a868d451ddf0509d68ec27d3d4c8b6171db9fa4.

This directory name is only known to the cloud server and your browser.

The authorization to download your Difference View is linked to the external/public IP address of your computer's or organization's Internet access, e.g.

As soon as you exit the application or create a new Difference View, these temporary directories are deleted.

Otherwise, the Difference View is automatically deleted 15 minutes after it is created. This value can be configured with a different company-specific value.

You would like to test our cloud solution with YOUR documents? Then drop us a line!

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