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About us

The company

COYODO GmbH was founded at the beginning of 2015 with the aim of combining the following functions for the applications Difference View and Stamping documents:

think tank for future innovations,

software development and

marketing and sales.

It is true that our products have been used with enthusiasm and efficiency on four continents for many years now and that all functions have existed somehow so far, but without the current strategically consistent focus on (and limitation to!) a few excellent products in one company.

Since the company is still very young, it has very lean processes, short communication channels and a distinct start-up mentality. We keep a careful eye on new technologies to keep our products up-to-date. In addition, we have many years of practical experience and act responsibly. Knowledge, skills and routine in software development create the basis for high-quality products. Or to break it down: the best of both worlds.

The people

Behind COYODO are people with a passion for their "own" products. How can you generate enthusiasm among users if you don't burn for the cause yourself? That unites us as a team. Every experienced mechanical engineer, computer scientist, programmer or young student is responsible for his own field of expertise. But the decisive factor for us is the overall result.

But our work does not only cost us a lot of time and commitment. It is also fun to experience how positively our products are accepted in daily work.

Dr. Gerald Keil, Managing director COYODO GmbH

I myself studied as a design engineer for production equipment, did my doctorate in CAD and have been involved in mechanical engineering projects for many years.

As a contact person and coordinator, I try to design and coordinate all innovations and optimizations from the end user's point of view, based on my many years of practical experience in the field of PLM, Engineering and IT.

In the team we discuss the functional requirements and their effects on our software. All points I then merge into a software specification, which is the basis for the targeted implementation. Before the application is installed at the customer's site, I put on the "user glasses" and take time for extensive tests. Internal optimization loops are often the result. But this is the only way to ensure that the results are convincing from the user's point of view. Right from the start.

Like our entire team, I personally dedicate myself with all my heart to continue to offer excellent products with a high user benefit.

Take us at our word.
Take me at my word.

Simply be successful with us: Compare Your Documents!

Gerald Keil
Managing director

Where does the name COYODO actually come from?

It all started in 2005 with an idea for a project to compare documents. It didn't stop with the idea. COMPARE DOCUMENTS remains the task of one of our core products, the Difference View DIFFdoxx, which is constantly being further developed. We would like to invite you too:


... and how is COYODO pronounced?

As a customer, you should take center stage. In the end, it's all about YOUR documents. That's why we emphasize the midsyllable :-)


Please inform yourself about ...

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