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WORKdoxx - Digital document processing

WORKdoxx is the technological basis for creating Difference Views and for stamping and converting technical drawings and other documents.
The actual document processing runs in the background on a server.
As a user, you do not need any software to be installed - except a browser.

WORKdoxx: Three functions - three apps

DIFFdoxx - Compare Documents

STAMPdoxx - Stamp documents

CONVdoxx - Convert documents

WORKdoxx: Three possible modes of operation


Stamp your technical drawings with a modern web interface or order the creation of a Difference View on the server. You only needs your documents, a browser and a network connection to the WORKdoxx server.


Create Difference Views in the background, for example after check-in or a status change. Automatically convert or stamp your drawings. Create thumbnails from your documents. It couldn't be easier.
Thanks to the connect interface, a connection to all document management systems is possible - but with a certain company-specific adaptation effort.


Use the modern user interface to place your stamps on your drawings and the knowledge of your document management system to fill the stamp fields automatically with the data of your system. Seamlessly check your documents in and out in the background. The connect interface is the base for this.

WORKdoxx: Module matrix


Optimized from the user's point of view. No click too much.

Powerful utility. Customizable functionality.

User interface

The user interface (currently English or German)
has a fresh design
is simple and intuitive to use and
Forget manuals!

Corporate Design

The web interface can easily be provided in the corporate design. Of course, this also applies to every subsidiary of a group of companies.

The Difference View should carry your logo? The report page is predestined for this.

No registration required

The basic principle: Every user "brings his documents with him". These are uploaded to the server, where they are processed and deleted when the user closes the application. The users' job directories are encrypted and strictly separated from each other. So to speak "privacy by design".

Therefore, WORKdoxx does not need or store any personal data.


The software has a modular structure. Define your own use cases. Name these use cases according to your linguistic usage. Define your own stamps.

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