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COYODO - COmpare YOur DOcuments ... and more


We help companies
to reduce costs in the Change Process
by accelerating the work with the Engineering Drawing.


Difference View Icon


In particular, our Difference Mask significantly reduces the required time to compare drawing versions. Users focus on the changes and find them with greater confidence. Particularly effective: The auto­matic generation of Difference Views in the background.

ID Stamp for External Drawings


Thanks to a company-specific ID stamp for external drawings, users can find all relevant internal information at first glance, such as part and change number, version, date or user. The time to search whether and which information is somewhere to find is completely eliminated.


Dr. Gerald Keil, Managing Director COYODO GmbH
Dr.-Ing. Gerald Keil, Design Engineer, Computer Scientist, Managing Director of COYODO

Today, the definition of mechanical products is based on 3D CAD geometry. Nevertheless, the Engineering Drawing is still indispensable as a generally accepted "contract document" between design, manufacturing and quality assurance, between customers and suppliers.

As a design engineer and long-time responsible for CAD and PLM processes of an international machine building company, I am very familiar with the tasks and needs of employees in the engineering environment.

A great project and a welcome help for the users was the imple­men­tation of an automatic drawing comparison in the course of releasing a new drawing version and providing the result document in the SAP system.

For me personally, from this grew the dream to develop and offer an "own software product", of whose usefulness and user-friendliness I was absolutely convinced.

With these resources and goals in my luggage, I had found my mission: The development of innovative, useful engineering software. Especially for the "Technical Drawing" I still saw a huge potential.

The best example and result is our unique Difference Mask – inspired by countless own drawing comparisons. It makes the comparison much faster and more reliable, thus enabling a software payback period of only three to four months. The mask shows especially what has not changed. To do this, we simply place a gray, transparent mask over the drawing. The holes in the foil signal to the user that something has changed (only) here. That is of course invaluable for a few small changes in an A0 drawing. The productive premiere was at STIHL in 2018.

For BELIMO, we optimized the comparison of labels and enabled mass processing.

The development of the Multipage Difference View was essential for MAN Energy Solutions. The highlight is the automatic, intelligent page mapping – even for huge electrical CAD documents. Only with the realization of this quite sophisticated functionality I was really satisfied.

The next innovations are in the pipeline – basically driven by your needs and our urge for the best possible realization.




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For checking the drawings a mega thing.

With the Difference View, our engineers can see all the changes in the engineering drawings at a glance.

At latest, the assembly managers now look only at the Difference View.

My test engineers are excited.

The Difference Mask has again significantly reduced the comparison time in the change process.

Super for looking over.

The tools are a great addition to our process and system landscape.

When we migrated our labels to a new label software, your solution was invaluable for quality control. We were able to evaluate the degree of overlapping very well automatically.

So the current drawing comparison is already a good thing. If I understand correctly, with the intelligent page mapping, a newly inserted page is now no longer compared to a wrong page, right? Yes, that is definitely helpful. Very good!

For me, the monthly development of pixel coverage is interesting. In the first three months after the launch of the tool, pixel coverage has increased from an average of 60% to over 70%, which is a very good KPI.

Thank you for the independent error detection and quick support in troubleshooting!

Engine design now uses the Difference View for drawing release.

The Difference View is mainly used in Engineering, but also in Procurement and Logistics.

In an 18-page document, we found two small field changes immediately.

The direct benefit is bombastic.


You think that your company, your colleagues should also benefit from the time and cost savings of a Difference View? Then take the first step and contact us. Take responsibility! It will also be YOUR success story.


Starting from the headquarters of MAN Energy Solution in Augsburg, the birthplace of the diesel engine (Rudolf Diesel, 1897), the roll-out of the COYODO Difference View is now taking place in all divisions of the company. Especially through its automated generation in the course of the release process of new drawing versions, there are considerable savings due to the fast and safe detection of changes.
(February 15, 2023)


Automatically compare two 2- and 3-page versions of an engineering drawing? Or two electrical CAD documents with several hundred pages each? The COYODO Multipage Difference View with automatic intelligent page mapping does just that. Not only does it create a PDF document with all the individual page comparisons. In advance, the matching pages are determined and the individual page comparisons are optimally compiled.
(January 02, 2023)


The days when design offices were full of huge drafting boards are long gone. But plan holders to fix drawings are still to be found. Certainly also to be able to compare large-format drawings with each other. But what does it look like in modern offices? What can you even do in your home office?
Learn all about this topic in our new blog.
(July 03, 2020)


Our new blog starts with the topic Label comparison and migration.
With the Difference View, even changed labels can be compared safely and quickly. When migrating to a new label software, it is essential to ensure the correctness of the label contents seamlessly. Learn more about the special features that support you in this.
(April 18, 2020)

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